Wednesday, September 20, 2006
  City Pages hearts the Twins
City Pages talks about the Twins "weirdest season ever".
Top 10 moments that Shook the Dome, even though a number of these moments didn't take place at the dome. I'm gonna hold on to this list. I have a feeling I'll have fun reading these 10 years from now. It's been a great year to be a first time season ticket holder.

Long time Twins Fan Thomas Hodne talks about the Twins season and his experiences in baseball. If you've ever sat in Section 120 behind homeplate, you've seen this guy. He looks like a crazy Santa, he hasn't missed a game in 25 years, he hates Tom Kelly and he says the Twins are going to the World Series.

This team feels much better than either in 1987 or 1991. I was down there in spring training this March, and things weren't working out. But Gardy was juggling, and was trying to make the pieces fit. And Terry Ryan is sharp. Some of the players then weren't with this team, and those two could tell that. Every player is with this team now, and with each other. That's the biggest change that occurred. They're the best team in the major leagues. Not based on experience or big names, but as far as what they've done to pull themselves out of where they were.

They'll win enough games to take Detroit and they'll win the division. And then onto the Series. It isn't easy, but I think they've got the talent and the coaches. They work closely together, and that's what makes the talent meaningful. More than that, it takes stamina and spirit to win the World Series. And this team has both. They won't quit. The spirit is really something to hold on to.

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