Thursday, September 21, 2006
Why haven't more people noticed that Morneau has driven in more runs (125) than any Twin in history whose name wasn't Killebrew? Why haven't more people noticed that, since June 8, Morneau has hit .374, and knocked in as many runs as Ryan Howard (87 -- tied for the most in baseball)?
That, to us, is what an MVP front-runner looks like. And there isn't an ounce of disrespect to the always-spectacular, always-mesmerizing Johan Santana when we tell you what he looks like: The Cy Young shoo-in that he is. Period.

"I haven't been that amped up all season," Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said. "I was screaming at how hard Torii hit it, screaming at what a huge home run it was for us, and at the same time I was running around the dugout, screaming, 'Andy, Andy, get somebody up.' "
Pitching coach Rick Anderson's response was: "Who?"
Gardenhire was now in his office, waving his arms in imitation of himself, and said: "I told Andy, 'Somebody. Anybody. Crain. Yeah, get up Crain.' "

When I was walking to the clubhouse I noticed that two guys were fixing up the roof of the concourse. It appeared that a giant piece of concrete gave out and fell to the ground. I walked under the guys and they told me to hurry up and go by because they didn't trust this spot. I found myself wondering if this place was safe or not. As I got nearer to the clubhouse I had to ask direction in order to find the clubhouse door because it was very confusing. Eventually I found a small white fenced in cage that was the entrance to the clubhouse. Inside was the smallest clubhouse in the league...smaller than most minor league clubhouses. The lockers were straight out of the old days, about a foot and a half wide, 6 feet tall with no space in between teammates. With all the September call ups, the clubhouse staff ran out of lockers and had to pair up a couple guys in one locker. I also heard stories that on the other side in the home clubhouse they had to buy wooden stroll out lockers and place them in the center of the clubhouse for all the new guys that came up in September.

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