Monday, September 11, 2006
  Saints fight Cats, Cat chokes Cop.

The Saint Paul Saints lost the American Association league championship last night to the Fort Worth Cats. Oh well, it's independant baseball. The bigger news is that after the game members of both teams went to the Half Time Rec in St. Paul to have some drinks. Apparently things got out of hand and a fight broke out between the teams. According to the Strib the "Police said 20 to 30 people were throwing punches in the bar when officers arrived about 12:15 a.m."
When police arrived on the scene the Saints were apparently saints and stopped fighting although one of the Cats players continued fighting and started choking St.Paul police officer, Cy Dargay. Poice spokesman Tom Walsh said the player, identified as Cats outfielder Kris Zacuto, had such a strong hold on the officer that he lifted him off the ground. He officers had to use batons on the player's arms and pepper spray to free Officer Dargay.

"Even after police had Zacuto off Dargay, the man continued to resist arrest, Walsh said. Police sprayed Zacuto with pepper spray and used batons to get him under control, Walsh said. When police had Zacuto handcuffed, he refused to walk to a squad car and officers had to drag him, Walsh said."

A number of other players were dragged to Detox and spent the night.
The officer that Zacuto was choking was actually scheduled to retire from the force today. What a great last night.

You don't mess with Chris Zacuto.
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