Monday, February 27, 2006
  Ruben aint old.
Twins minor league prospect Ruben Sierra stretches out with Joe Mauer. I'm having a hard time believing we'll see more than ten at-bats from the old man this year. In some interviews he says he doesn't feel his age. Even if he feels 36 he's still a washed up old man. Hopefully he will prove me wrong.
Friday, February 24, 2006
  See Ya Later Sideburns
In one of the new Twins Territory ads released this week, Joe Mauer gives his sideburns to a kid. I haven't bothered watching this commercial yet, I'm sure i'll be seeing it all year during every commercial break during the games.
The other commercials involve Torii Hunter at a kids birthday party, hopefully not pulling an R.Kelly , TC Bear and Gardenhire.
  He's filthy
The second part of Baseball America's Top 100 prospects. Liriano makes #6.
"He's filthy. We're talking three big league pitches, and everything looks easy."
--Indianapolis manager Trent Jewett
Wednesday, February 22, 2006
  Baseball America

Baseball America listed the bottom 50 of their to 100 prospects this year. 4 Twins made the bottom 50. Anthony Swarzak #100, Glen Perkins #91, Matt Moses #75, and Jason Kubel #58. Quite honestly the person on this list I am most excited about is Matt Moses, if only for the reason that he's not a pitcher.
"He has some real life off of that bat. If it's a hittable pitch in the zone, he puts the barrel on the ball, and that's not something you can teach."
--Fort Myers manager Riccardo Ingram
Hopefully he can have a good season in the minors and make the move to the majors late this year or 2007.
Tuesday, February 21, 2006
Apparently news is that legislators are "open to the idea" of a new stadium bill for the Twins. takes a look at the Twins pitching
Is it possible to have too much good pitching?
Radke may have a golfing buddy in Barry Bonds as he says he'll decide whether to retire after this season.
  Liriano may want to reconsider

Sports Illustrated reports that top Twins pitching prospect Francisco Liriano may be hurting his chances to move in to the 5th spot on the Twins pitching rotation if he chooses to pitch for the Dominicans in the WBC. I understand that it's a big honor to be chosen to pitch with so many of his heroes, but you have to assume he's going to be used as middle relief and not really get as many innings as he would if he'd stay in Floriday and prove to the Twins that he's worthy of that 5th spot.
Gardy says if Scott Baker wins out over Liriano he wouldn't be against sending him back to Rochester so he could get more quality minutes.
I hope he makes the right decision and I get to see me some Liriano this spring.
Friday, February 17, 2006
  Viva Venezuela

Johan Santana is preparing to be one of Venezuela's top starters when the World Baseball Classic starts in 13 days. Not much news here, they still haven't announced the full line-ups other than Johan and Freddie Garcia will be pitching together and not against each other.
Thursday, February 16, 2006
  The Heckler
Robert ``the Heckler'' Szasz has a blog now. Perhaps you've heard of this guy, he picks one player each game and then heckles them all game. He's going to bring some "insight into his heckling"
You gotta love the guy for
1. Keeping it PG and being creative with the taunts &
2. Being able to go to that many Devil Rays games without killing himself.
Next week I'll list some of my favorite local heckles, as lifted from my friends.
  Cambria Suites have some competition.
One more thing to sneak into this year.
The Twins announce that they will be allowed to use the Vikings new Luxury Suites this year. I'll take the Cambria suite over a box that is at the back of left field. Although there's gotta be some free booze in there.
Top 10 Twins Fantasy Players for your team. I don't know why you would want anyone other than Santana and Nathan on your fantasy team, but we get a bit of honesty from the Twins website about Rondell White.
White is capable of hitting for both average and power, and will deliver some of the hardest-hit line drives you'll ever see. Unfortunately, he never seems to stay in the lineup long enough to produce any significant numbers. Because he has a recognizable name, White is likely to be grabbed in the late rounds by someone in your draft. Ideally, though, he's the kind of player who should be left on the waiver wire until he goes on one of his hot streaks.

You have to love the optimism the Twins have for this guy. Here's hoping being an every day Designated Hitter will keep him healthy enough to play at least 130 games this year.
  Spring is here
The Twins equipment truck arrived in Fort Myers today. Thanks to Brothers Paul and Tom Luxem, from Maplewood, Minn., shared driving duties. A few more of the unsung heroes of baseball. Without these dudes, who knows where the Twins would be today. Apparently the Red Sox equipment truck was caught in the Nor'easter over the weekend and they're still waiting for it to show up.
Friday, February 10, 2006
  In The News
The Cincinatti Reds hire Twins assistant General Manager Wayne Krivsky as new General Manager. This takes away an important player in Terry Ryans gang, but does it also give the Twins a new trading partner? Perhaps Griffey Jr. is in our future.
We're blessed with much pitching and Cincinatti is blessed with heavy hitting.
Aaron Gleeman Let's his dreams be known:
My dream scenario would involve Adam Dunn, Austin Kearns or Edwin Encarnacion, or maybe even Felipe Lopez or Wily Mo Pena. A slightly more realistic scenario is that Krivsky was the person in the Twins' front office most in favor of keeping Kyle Lohse around for another year and might be willing to swap a lesser hitter like Ryan Freel for him once Ryan is confident in Francisco Liriano being ready for the starting rotation.

Come midseason, when Tony Batista has proven himself incompetent as an everyday player, the Twins could make room for Liriano every fifth day while also grabbing Freel to replace Batista at third base. Hey, a boy can dream, right? Actually, I suppose my real dream scenario would involve Ryan deciding that he should replace Krivsky with some kid who blogs about the Twins from his bedroom.
Baseball America lists their top 10 prospects for the Twins. Not surprisingly Francisco Liriano is at the top of that list. After seeing him pitch last year for a few innings I am so excited that he's finally going to be in the rotation. It was the same excitment I had watching Santana pitch 3 years ago.
  Mauer opts out.
Joe Mauer chooses to sit out of the World Baseball Classic. Probably a smart move on Joe's part. The Twins are going to need him at full strengh all season and playing with any sort of energy in "The Classic" would surely take something out of him.
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