Monday, April 17, 2006
The Twins lost the last game of the series against the Yankees on Easter. Even though the third game was pretty lopsided the Twins swept a very talented Oakland team and took 2 of 3 from the Yankees. Finishing the first 6 games of the 9 game homestand five and one. Nothing to complain about. The Twins are now .500 and take on Anaheim starting tuesday night at the Dome.

On another note, the Twins are 5-0 when I attend with a moustache.

Before the game on friday night Gary Louris of the Jayhawks was seen outside the dome making a deal on some scalped tickets. Down the street from him Chris Mars of the Replacements was seen canoodling with his wife Sally.
The Twins are 1-0 when Sid Hartman wears a pink polo shirt to the games.

Ruben Sierra makes his debut with the Twins tomorrow night taking Jason Kubel's spot on the roster. Kubel goes back down to AAA Rochester.

In Wolves news, Fred Hoiberg retired from basketball today. It's sad to see him go.
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Wednesday, April 12, 2006
  Twins win Home opener.
Brad Radke got through the first inning without giving up a homerun last night and the Twins beat Oakland 7-6 in the home opener. The game featured an extended tribute to Kirby Puckett before hand. Jack Morris gave a touching speech that went on a bit to long. I think that his may have had something to do with Radke not giving up any dingers in the first. First pitch was supposed to be 7:18, but it didn't get underway until after 7:30 meaning that Radke had an extra 15 minutes to warm up thus pitching kind of a simulated first inning. Hopefully the Twins saw this and just warm him up a little earlier than usual when he goes against the Yankees this saturday.

Last nights game was my first opportunity to use my Season Tickets. This is my first year as a season ticket holder and I'm so happy. I set a goal for myself to be a season ticket holder by the time I was 30 years old. I beat that by a year and a half.

The Twins play Oakland again tonight Carlos Silva vs Esteban Loaiza.
Thursday, April 06, 2006
  Twins Come Alive
It may have been the lack of Geddy Lee, but the Twins bats came alive last night in the rout of the Blue Jays 13-4.
Brad Radke went back into form last night giving up two homeruns in the first inning. After that he seemed to settle down. I sat last night trying to figure out what's wrong with Radke that he gives up so many first inning homers. Makes no sense.

Francisco Liriano got to see action for the first time this year pitching the 7th & 8th innings giving up two hits and striking out three. If Scott Baker truly is a better pitcher than Liriano, I can't wait to see him pitch this saturday against the Indians.

Everyone got into the game last night Torii had a night that he will hopefully be having alot more this season, 4 for 5 with a grandslam. As of now he's second in the AL with 6 RBI's. The only Twin in the starting line up without a hit was Tony Batista who was 0 for 3 with a walk. He walked!

The Twins play the rubber game against the Blue Jays tonight at 6:07. Carlos Silva vs Gustavo Chacin.

Today is Bert Blyleven's Birthday. If you watched the game last night you had a hard time not knowing that as that was all Dick and Bert wanted to talk about. There was a whole lot of talk about Bert getting really drunk and walking to Clevelend or something like that.
By the way. Only 6 more days until we have to deal with Bert circling people again. The past 3 years I keep thinking that when a new season starts people will forget about their longing to be circled on television and stop making signs, but no, they remember. They always remember.
Wednesday, April 05, 2006
  Living in The Limelight.
The Twins started the season last night and ended there quest for a perfect season losing 6-3 to the Blue Jays.

The Blue Jays honored Kirby Puckett last night before the game with a video montage. I don't know whether of not this was before of after the Blue Man Group performed. The bartender at Gameworks was having a hard time changing channels so we missed everything before the first pitch.

Seeing the new 34 patch on the sleeves of the uniforms was cool. At first I was disapointed with them, but after a good look I think it's the best tribute to Puckett. A simple reminder of him all season. On another note, Puckett's children will be onhand to throw out the first pitch at the Home Opener on April 11.
Besides the patch tribute, the Twins will have a 34 painted on the turf in center field, but it will apparetnly only stay there for the first home stand. That on top of the tributes to be painted on the turf - one between home plate and first base and the other between third and home.

The team as a whole didn't look TOO bad last night and I'm not worried about Santana's performance at all. It will take a month for him to get the velocity up and to get in a groove.

The highlight of the night had to be Geddy Lee from Rush sitting behind home plate and watching the game. After doing some research it turns out Lee lives in Toronto and is a huge baseball fan. He's even talked about buying a Minor League team. The dudes at Batters Box even have a Blue Jays drinking game, in the Comments someone mentions taking a drink if Geddy Lee is sitting behind home plate. Something to look for when the Jays are on TV I guess.
Monday, April 03, 2006
  Opening Day
Baseball is here! Last night my friends and I attempted to watch the White Sox / Indians game but after the 4 hour Rain Delay we just played Home Run Derby on the new MLB 06. I left undefeated. Here I am with the trophy I won.

The Twins Finalized their 25 Man Opening Day Roster by cutting all the T's out of the lineup sending Terry Tiffee and Jason Tyner down to the Minors. Ruben Sierra will start the season in Rochester as well. Jason Kubel will probably get the start against Toronto on Tuesday. With Castro and Cuddyer starting on Opening Day, the Twins bench would include Mike Redmond, Luis Rodriguez, Punto, Ford, and Kubel.

Francisco Liriano's DUI charge will likely not affect his playing time with the Twins.
"I feel like I made a mistake and I'll pay for it," Liriano said. "I'm responsible for what I did. I'm really sorry for what happened. I made a big mistake."

Twins general manager Terry Ryan, manager Ron Gardenhire, and Liriano met with the media on Friday morning to talk about the incident. Ryan said that Liriano's status on the team will not be affected and there are no plans to fine or suspend the pitcher, but rather to let the law take its course.

So today is Opening Day. I'm having a hard time concentrating on work will all the checks on my 2 fantasy teams, listening to games on XM radio and going to lunch to watch the Red Sox - Rangers game. Hopefully I'll get something done today.
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