Monday, July 31, 2006
Terry Ryan continues his relationship with Wayne Krivsky and trades Kyle Lohse for right-handed pitcher Zach Ward.
Ward, 22, went 7-0 with a 2.29 ERA and 95 strikeouts in 20 appearances -- 18 starts -- this season with the Class A Dayton Dragons of the Midwest League. Ward was the Reds' third-round selection in the 2005 First-Year Player Draft.
I don't even think we need to get in to Kyle's stats. See ya later sideburns.

The open spot in the roster will probably be used when Torii comes off the DL tomorrow.

Friday, July 28, 2006
  Redmond & His Extensions

The Twins agreed to terms with backup catcher Mike Redmond on a two-year extension Thursday, with a club option for 2009.
Redmond is hitting .333 with eight doubles and 14 RBI in 29 games this season, most of the time playing in a day game after a night game.

Redmen & Their Wifes - Athens, GA 11-3-2004
Thursday, July 27, 2006
  News & Notes 7/27
10000Takes is not a fan of the Billy Martin Bobblehead give away this saturday.
What kid in their right mind would want a Billy Martin Bobblehead. No kid knows who he is (since all bobbleheads look the same; smart parents will tell their kids it's Kent Hrbek), and no kid wants a bobblehead of a manager.
I know a few dudes that will be waiting in line when the doors open on Saturday.

Pat Neshek wants to make a website about Wayne Hattaway, the Twins Clubhouse all around guy, so people can actually learn who the hell this guy and his moustache are. Also a good City Pages article from 2002 on Wayne's contributions. Maybe next year the Twins can do a Wayne bobblehead.

Bat Girl reenacts Neshek's delivery.

Rick Aguilera will be signing autographs at the Dome before the game tomorrow night.
5:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. in the Sunroom for season ticket holders
6:15 - 6:45 on the Plaza for general public.
Anyone want to go down early tomorrow night?
The Twins moved in to a tie with Chicago after a sweep yesterday.
From Elias Sports Bureau:
The Twins pulled into a second-place tie with the White Sox in the AL Central after completing a three-game sweep at Chicago. It was only the third time since the franchise relocated to Minnesota in 1961 that the Twins swept a road series of at least three games from the defending World Series champion. Minnesota did it twice in 1973, with a pair of three-game sweeps at Oakland (one in April, to begin the season, and the other in late September).

Stan Cliburn says that Matt Garza is ready to go after seeing him pitch 3 games in Rochester. TK says "hold your horses".
"No doubt about it. Because of the maturity factor," said Cliburn, who played in the majors in 1980 and is in his 18th year managing in the minors. "I know he's young. I know this kid is just drafted last year. He's moved his way through the system from A-ball to Double-A, now he's in Triple-A.
Garza, who was drafted out of Fresno State, was promoted from Class AA New Britain to Class AAA Rochester on July 13, and he is 2-1 with a 2.05 ERA with the Red Wings with 21 strikeouts in 22 innings.

Friday night starts the 3 game series with Detroit.
Liriano gets the start vs Miner.
Wednesday, July 26, 2006
  In case you missed it..
The ESPN's frame by frame breakdown of Mauer's Swing.
Thursday, July 20, 2006
  Busom Buddies
Joe Mauer does the Q&A with the Strib.
Q When you're trying to keep a low profile, is dating a former Miss USA (Chelsea Cooley) the best way to go about it?

A Yeah, we tried to, but everything you do is kind of out there. Hey, she's bigger than I am. She has a lot of stuff going on. We're just hanging out. We didn't meet that long ago. ... I think most guys, with their personal life, would prefer to keep it personal. She's a friend of mine, and I'm starting to get to know her a little bit.
Q Do you still live with Justin Morneau?

A Yeah.

Q Have you ever thought about getting your own place?

A Well, it is my place. He's living with me.

Q Has he ever thought about getting his own place?

A I don't know, he might have. But we get along really well. We're opposites. We both like to have fun, but I'm a little more quiet and he's more outgoing. He gets me to go out a little more, and I get him to stay in a little more. It works out.

Q Is there any cooking that goes on there?

A Mostly takeout. A lot of Jimmy John's, Davanni's or Cossetta's. After games we try to sneak into Bellanotte before the kitchen closes.

Justin Morneau also does the Q&A thing with the PiPress. But it's no where near as interesting. It's baseball all the time.
BS You and Joe Mauer are roommates. He has the best batting average in baseball. You're among the league leaders in home runs and RBIs. What are you guys eating or drinking?

JM It's a lot of sleep. We don't have any kids or wives there, so it's just baseball all the time.

BS Baseball all the time? Isn't Joe dating Miss USA?

JM She's not there.

BS Have you asked Joe to introduce you to Miss USA's first or second runner-up?

JM That's not really baseball stuff.

You can tell that Morneau has NO interest in anything but playing ball. That's something that seems to be missing in the game. Dudes that just play ball and don't want to talk about who his roommate is banging.

Boof continues to struggle in Rochester but gets the win last night.
Bonser (4-4) pitched five shutout innings but was on the ropes early and often. He walked the bases loaded in the first, left two runners on in the second and stranded three more in the third. He walked five and hit a batter, and 37 of his 87 pitches were balls. But he got the job done when needed, including a strikeout of contact hitter Luis Figueroa to end the second. It was Figueroa's first strikeout in 72 at-bats and his 16th all season.
Wednesday, July 19, 2006
  That Guy

I know these are not the guys that were at the dome last night, but they are kinda the same. I had some real issues with these guys. At first glance they always seem good times, but that won't last long. Soon they will stand the entire game, try to start the wave at the wrong time, even draw people into their false impression of good times.

I don' think its right to throw anything at guys that behave like this, but they need to be spoken too. I think the goatsee taunt is about as far as it should go, and that should only go on for a few seconds.

I don't know, I know they were having a good time and all but man...
Tuesday, July 18, 2006
  You're with me sideburns.
From the Twins press release:
The Minnesota Twins, in partnership with Mall of America, today announced that Thursday, August 10 (Twins versus Blue Jays; 7:10 p.m.) will be "Joe Mauer Sideburn Night" in honor of the Minnesota Twins All-Star catcher.

To celebrate Mall of America's 14th birthday, the first 10,000 fans through the gates will receive replica Joe Mauer's sideburns. The synthetic-hair sideburns have double-sided tape that will allow fans to share Mauer's trademark look, which also was highlighted in a recent Twins Territory television commercial.

I don't even know what to say about this. When I think Mall of America, I think sideburns.
Pat Neshek has been writing a bunch on his blog about getting the call up from Rochester.
Last night I got into my first game at the Metrodome. I was pretty pumped to get the call in a close 4-3 game. My arm felt excellent and I knew if I had my location on I would be fine. When I got to the mound for the first time I really wasn't nervous and was focused more on getting the guys out and preserving the lead. The dome mound was in excellent shape and just like in Texas the plate felt really close. The one thing I noticed just a little bit was the crowd right above the plate. There aren't too many ballparks that have a solid background right behind the plate. A lot of places have seating right behind home and this can act as camouflage when trying to find the catcher. Not here though, all I could see was the dark blue background and first couple rows of seats.

His site is pretty cool and you get the chance to learn alot about him.
He's a big autograph collector and has pictures of all his baseball cards. Neshek seem's like a pretty nice guy, he'll trade cards for his autograph with fans and has a list of everyone that's sent him letters and cards. He spent a bunch of time perfecting his signature.

In all it's an interesting and dorky look in to a rookies life with a MLB team.
  News & Notes
Torii seems to think he'll be back on July 31.
"I'm convinced," Hunter said. "I've been playing for three months on this thing, so give me 15 days, I'm straight."

Shannon Stewart may have played his last game of the season as well as his last as a Twin.
The recent tear to Stewart's left plantar fascia appears to be worse than the one earlier this season, which caused him to miss 33 games. Stewart admitted that even he does not know if he will be able to make it back to playing this season.

"I'm at the point right now that I'm frustrated, and I know the team is probably frustrated," Stewart said.

The Strib revisits and analyzes the Twins failure to sign Travis Lee in 1996.

The Twins look to win their fifth straight game tonight and Rondell looks to continue hitting the ball. Three RBI's last night? Everyone's contributing at the right time.

Scott Kazmir 10-6 3.26

Francisco Liriano 10-2 2.12

Monday, July 17, 2006
  DL grows.
The Twins lose Shannon Stewart and Torii Hunter to the 15 day DL. Both have foot problems.
Nick Punto and Jason (Rob) Tyner started in the outfield on Sunday and the duo combined to go 4-for-7 in a 5-2 victory over Cleveland. Rondell White was called up from Rochester and went 2-3 with a home run. With that win the Twins climbed within 6 1/2 games behind the White Sox for second place in the Central and the Wild Card lead.

Jim Souhan think the Twins will not be able to trade Torii now.
1) The Twins have no immediate replacement. Jason Tyner has given the Twins three days of clutch, fundamentally sound play, but manager Ron Gardenhire thinks of him more as a corner outfielder than a center fielder.

2) The Twins haven't exactly climbed into contention, but they're too close to trade away a valuable player, even one who might be in physical decline.

3)The Twins can't sell off one of their most popular players for prospects while in contention right after having a new stadium approved. They can't afford the public relations hit.

Before the injury, the Twins' choices seemed to be trading Hunter before July 31 or signing him to a long-term deal.

Now they could look behind Door No. 3 -- picking up Hunter's option for $12 million in 2007.

Mauer and Morneau once again compared to Mantle and Maris.

Boof Bonser, the pitcher the Twins recently sent back to Rochester, lost his second start since returning to the minor leagues, giving up five runs on seven hits and three walks in five innings in a 6-3 loss to Ottawa.
Friday, July 14, 2006
Lew Ford was placed on the 15 day DL last night after he strained his right external oblique muscle during a fifth inning at-bat. Jason Tyner was called up from Rochester to replace Lew in the line up.

Jason Kubel sat out most of the game with soreness in both of his knees.
Kubel has had issues with soreness in his surgically repaired left knee all season, but in the past month he has been having problems with his right knee, as well.

The Twins still have yet to name a starter for Sunday's game, but it appears that Carlos Silva will indeed get the nod. Tonight Brad Radke will try to get his second half off to a great start as he faces Indians right-hander Paul Byrd.

Dave St. Peter continued his tour of ball parks and visited PNC park for the All Star game on Tuesday. Some of his thoughts on the park:
The sightlines within PNC Park are outstanding, as are the views of the Pittsburgh skyline. I couldn’t help but think how PNC’s orientation to downtown Pittsburgh is similar to the opportunity we have with our site in relation to downtown Minneapolis. The major difference is the Allegheny River sits between PNC Park and downtown Pittsburgh, while Interstate 394 stands between the Twins-Hennepin County ballpark site and downtown Minneapolis.

The Roberto Clemente Bridge spans the Allegheny River and is highly visible in virtually all seating areas. This bridge serves as inspiration to Minnesota ballpark designers as we consider options surrounding the construction of a pedestrian bridge aimed at connecting downtown Minneapolis to the Twins-Hennepin County ballpark site.

Pittsburgh’s very-own Primanti Brothers Sandwiches are the signature food item at PNC Park. These are so good, we may have to find a way to bring Primanti Brothers to Minnesota.
Thursday, July 13, 2006
  The second half begins.
It's do or die time now at the dome. Starting with tonight's game against Cleveland, 20 of the Twins' next 27 games and 32 of their next 46 will come against division foes. Including nine against the White Sox and six against Detroit.
By the end of the month the Twins will either be right in the mix or long gone. Let's get it going.

Cleveland comes to the dome for a 4 day series.

Tonight: Cliff Lee, 8-6 4.76 VS Fransisco Liriano, 10-1 1.83 7:10 CT

Friday: Brad Radke, 7-7, 5.1 vs. Paul Byrd, 6-6, 4.31 7:10 p.m. CT

Saturday: Johan Santana, 9-5, 2.95 vs. C.C. Sabathia, 7-4, 3.51 6:10 p.m. CT

Sunday: Carlos Silva, 4-9, 7.00 vs. (Jeremy Sowers, 1-2, 7.47 1:10 p.m. CT

Remember to bring your knitting supplies to the game tonight for 'Stitch & Pitch'

Thankfully we have the dome to keep 70 degrees and sunny. It's looking to be in the 100's this weekend.
Tuesday, July 11, 2006
  At the break
The Twins release Ruben Sierra on Monday and recall Scott Baker from Rochester. Since being optioned to Rochester on June 1, Baker has gone 3-2, 2.92 (49.1 ip, 16 er) with 18 walks and 41 strikeouts in seven starts for the Red Wings.

There's still no word on where he'll be in the rotation with Santana and Liriano pitching in the All Star game tonight and Silva going in for medical consultation on his sore back.

Forget Ryan Howard, TC the bear wins the Mascot Home Run Derby.

David St.Peter updated his Ballpark Update blog. Apparently they're very open to suggestions. A group went to St. Louis last week and toured the new Busch and met with officials. Over the next month, Twins officials will also visit Pittsburgh’s PNC Park (for the 2006 Major League Baseball All-Star Game) in addition to Cleveland’s Jacobs Field, Philadelphia’s Citizen’s Bank Park, San Diego’s PETCO Park and San Francisco’s AT&T Park.
Expect reports on the blog after each visit.
Keep the New Ballpark Suggestions coming. Thanks to everyone who has already sent in their thoughts. To date we have received 1,000+ plus ideas – all of which are reviewed by our internal new ballpark team. Who knows? Perhaps your idea will be incorporated into the new facility.

Has anyone sent in any suggestions for the new park? What are they forgetting?
Monday, July 10, 2006
  Liriano asked to All Star game!
Francisco Liriano will take the roster spot of injured Jose Contreras in Tuesday's All-Star Game. He joins the Twins' two Major League stat leaders, Johan Santana (strikeouts) and Joe Mauer (batting average).
Congrats Francisco!
Thursday, July 06, 2006
  Bye Boof.

You have until 5pm today to vote Liriano in to the All Star game. As of this morning he was in second place behind A.J.Pierzynski. Word is that A.J's wife voted for Liriano.
Vote as often as possible.

Twins drop 2 in a row to Kansas City. Why couldn't Radke pitch the 6th with only 82 pitches?

Boof was optioned back to Rochester. The Twins plan to recall right-handed reliever Pat Neshek from Triple-A Rochester before Friday night's game at Texas.

Neshek was 6-2 with a 1.95 ERA and 14 saves in 33 appearances for the Red Wings this season. He will replace No. 5 starter Boof Bonser, who was demoted after a rough outing against the Kansas City Royals on Tuesday.

Thanks to On The DL for the link to J.D."Real Deal" Durbin's myspace page. Some things we learn about J.D:
Can honestly say that I have never read a book from cover to cover.

His URL is: titsandassforme

His first baby was his Denali, but his boy is his dog Hoss.

He likes spring break and tanning.
He loves his dad and his big bro.

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